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What makes Sistine so GOOD and unique? 
Our product line is a testament to our belief in strong and vibrant eco-systems—your skin, and our environment.  While our biologically clean, synergistic and ethically sourced ingredients are set to highlight your natural wonder, we make sure that the rest of our moving parts are sustainable.  Simply put—our skincare is the preverbal vehicle for a shining confident you, but think of our vehicle as an electric car ;).

Are the ingredients used in your products all-natural/ organic?
We keep our products as natural and clean!

Is Sistine cruelty free?
We are a cruelty free brand. Keeping the integrity amongst all living things is at our forefront.

Is Sistine Vegan?
Yes, and happily! 

How can I find more info on your products? 
Good question! Head over to our product page and click on the product you are interested in. Once you’re there, you will find all the information necessary in the nested tabs. If this didn’t answer your question, drop us a line us at   

Are your products friendly to all skin types? 
Our products are created to serve all skin types. Tested and approved by our lab experts. Non-comedogenic, suitable for sensitive skin, paraben and sulphate free.

Do your products expire?
They certainly do! We would be very concerned if they didn’t. Typically, they are good for 36 months—but 12months after opening. Be sure to check the specific package as individual products may vary.