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Mask Duo

Grab the duo for the full effect—bask and mask in collagen packed jellies, boosting hydration with hyaluronic acid, with bonus effects from retinol and rosehip oil.  Keep your under-eyes soothed, moisturized and saturated with the finest natural CHERUB EYE MASK. Improve the skin elasticity, while retaining and replenishing moisture with our hydrating LIP MASKS.
In Good Care
Sustainable Sistine

Protecting the environment is at the forefront of our practice. With a mindful approach, we only use sustainably sourced ingredients that are responsibly produced, regulated and internally scrutinized —further preventing deforestation and habitat loss, and minimizing the impact on biodiversity and erosion of the environment. Our use of ceramic bottles and jars, to biodegradable, recyclable and eco-friendly packaging—backs our promise to support ecological well-being, by keeping harmful waste out of our eco-system.